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Video Production

As a creative consultant, I lead with my own artistic vision while utilizing the technical filming and editing skills I’ve refined through years of study and experience.

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Video Production Anchor
Title Boxing Club Louisville Testimonial with Alan Spade
Studio 614 Paint n' Sip Studio
Title Boxing Club Louisville Social Media Sizzle
Gravely Brewing Co.
Makers Social Craft & Cocktail Bar
Buff City Soaps
Walk Through A Wedding Workshop
Coffee Commercial

Motion Graphics

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Motion graphics start from a blank screen, which challenges me to think fully out of the box and find innovative solutions to telling a story.

Motion Graphics Anchor
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Logo Animation

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Bring your brand to life with an animated logo! Animating your logo for videos communicates your personality to your customers so they get a better idea of just who you are and what makes you awesome.

Dynamic Text

Let's make things interesting. Having text throughout your video helps call out the important information you're trying to relay and animating that text can add fun and flavor!

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Lower Thirds

Introduce the members of your team in an eye catching way that also adds branding and style to your message.

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